Our tinting treatments are designed to enhance and give further definition to eyebrows and eyelashes by adding permanent colour to the hair. The base and tips of the hairs are often fairer, even on clients with dark hair, so tinting them darker gives the illusion of extra thickness and length. There are 4 shades to choose from and blondes often go for a Blue Black for a more dramatic look. Otherwise a shade slightly darker is what we would recommend.




Please take care for the first 24 hours, brows should be treated with care; avoid touching them to allow the brows to settle. Please take care not to use make up, perfumed cosmetics, chlorine or sunbeds after threading. A cold compressant or calamine lotion will help any redness that might persist.

My first time at blink bar in the Trafford centre !

It was such a lovely experience !

So relaxing I could have fallen asleep, I had my brows reshaped and tinted, they look lovely and a nice shoulder and face massage to go with was just what I needed